fter spending long months in the cold and dark, Quebecers are always happy to find longer days and warmer temperatures. As soon as the snow begins to melt, restaurant owners prepare their terrace. They clean tables and chairs and dust umbrellas. This is the signal that everyone is waiting for to meet friends or lovers to enjoy a delicious cocktail and warm up in the sun.

Two terraces in the heart of Hochelaga

Madame Smith is not falling behind and prepares our two terraces, the most popular in the Hochelaga district. The first, located at the front, allows guests to observe the activity of passersby on Ontario Street. The second, at the back, allows you to enjoy an intimate atmosphere favorable to exchanges. Several varieties of gin await you and are served in our homemade cocktails. Discover the different flavors of gin tonic as well as their herb and fruit toppings. Our menu will also satisfy all your cravings by offering the novelties of Madame without forgetting the classics of Monsieur.

Gin and tonic

Gin and Tonic is a popular cocktail developed by the British East India Company in Asia in the 18th century. Originally, tonic water is a soft drink that contains quinine, used at the time in the fight against malaria in tropical latitudes. This liquid being bitter, the English added sugar and alcohol to make the taste more pleasant. The juniper hints mixed with the bitterness of the tonic made this cocktail popular in every corner of the Empire.

Nowadays, several variants of gin tonic exist. Mixologists and brewers take advantage of the diversity of existing gins to vary the types of tonics and toppings and create exclusive, refreshing and tasty cocktails. At Madame. Smith, we know our gins and our tonics. Our qualified staff knows how to preserve the sparkling of your drink for a memorable tasting experience.